Wednesday, 2 February 2011


so i keep smelling jake everywhere. on my blanket, in my car, at work - and i look around and he's not there.  but even his scent makes me all the more excited to marry him.  i think that excitement increases every second.  it makes me dream of life with him and the things that i want us to accomplish together.

things i can't wait to do and things i will do when i'm mrs. jake luna:

1. have a candlelight dinner on the hardwood floors in our living room.
2. fall asleep wearing his t-shirt.
3. lay in bed and night and talk. about things that really matter.
4. lay on the couch and watch christmas movies when it's snowing outside.
5. have dinner waiting for him when he walks in from work.
6. wake up in the morning and have him laying next to me.
7. lay my head in his lap and listen to music and watch the sparks in the fireplace.
8. raise our children to be God-fearing children.
9. lay in bed and eat ice cream. chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
10. make cookies at christmas time.
11. take as many pictures of jake and our children as possible.
12. have a dog.
13. look up from the dinner table and catch jake looking at me.
14. wake jake up in the middle of the night, bundle ourselves up, hand him a mug of hot chocolate and go outside and watch the stars.
15. take weekend trips away.
16. hear jake introduce me as his wife.
17. feel his feet against mine in the middle of the night.
18. hear his laugh whenever i want -- or those ridiculous voices that he does. :]
19. be with him and his family on holidays.
20. travel to the grand canyon with him.
21. paint a room in the middle of the night.
22. have a marriage that brings glory to God.
23. text each other during the day to see when we're coming home for dinner.
24. see his laundry mixed in with mine.
25. go out on dates. :]
26. sing at the top of our lungs in the car together. and it be so much fun.
27. massage his feet while we're watching the news.
28. when God blesses us with a child, announcing to everyone that we're having a baby.
29. tell him how wonderful, handsome and encouraging he is every single morning.
30. let's be honest, change my relationship status to "married" and changing my name to Courtney Miller Luna.
31. go on trips for our anniversary.
32. write notes to each other.
33. spend new years eve in new york.
34. go to concerts together.
35. have Bible studies together, and pray together all the time.
36. lay in bed a read.
37. watch jake pray with and encourage others. he is so good at that.
38. nap together in the afternoons.
39. cook him breakfast. lunch. and dinner.
40. feel his heart beat when he's holding me close.
41. get really, really tickled together.
42. pick up the phone whenever his mom calls.
43. have a little boy who looks and acts just like him.
44. see his toothbrush beside mine.
45. call things "ours"
46. go shopping together.
47. steal his clothes.
48. have dinner dates with our couples friends.
49. surprising him with his favorite things.
50. wake up in the morning and catch him watching me sleep.
51. hiding the remote from him so he can't watch sports or the history channel all the time.
52. move into our first home together.
53. decorate our christmas tree together.
54. play hooky.
55. get in arguments. he yells. i cry. and then we apologize to each other and then laugh at how dumb we are.
56. clean our houses together.
57. go to a different city for dinner.
58. decorate the house for birthdays.
59. lay in the bed with the windows open listening to the rain.
60. have jazz music playing while we cook together.
61. beg him for more puppies but laugh when he says no everytime.
62. come home from a bad day and see that he has filled a bubble bath for me.
63. fall asleep while he works and wake up when he crawls into bed with me.
64. walk into the living room and find him asleep on the couch with one of our kids.
65. pretend like we're still in college and go away on "spring break"
66. cover him up with a blanket when he's cold.
67. have christmas traditions with our family.
68. work in the yard together.
69. hearing him talk to our children about God and His love for us.
70. stay at a bed and breakfast together.
71. take our kids shopping for back to school supplies.
72. naming our son Asa.
73. calling him throughout the day to laugh at funny things that happen to us.
74. leave notes for him all over the house.
75. take a spur of the moment road trip.
76. visit colleges with our kids.
77. cry together.
78. hearing him read to our children.
79. playing scrabble late at night.
80. having a fresh pot of coffee brewed for him when he wakes up.
81. pillow fights.
82. fall more and more in love with him every day.
83. playing in the snow.
84. still learning and studying him after years of marriage.
85. getting so mad at him that i can't see straight.
86. talking to his mom for hours.
87. hearing him say my name.
88. traveling with him. everywhere.
89. him letting me put my toes under his when my feet are cold.
90. cutting his hair.
91. belly time :]
92. having our house smell like him.
93. lighting candles at night.
94. seeing a wedding band on my left hand.
95. complaining about our bad days and then making each other laugh.
96. fighting over the middle of the bed and the covers at night.
97. seeing his bed-head whenever he wakes up from a nap.
98. teaching our puppy new tricks.
99. still wondering after 50 years of marriage why God blessed me with such an amazing husband.
100. being married to jake luna.