Wednesday, 16 March 2011

my best friend.

this is my best friend (holding my baby :]).

 i have said that for a while now, but only now have i begun to see what those two sweet words truly mean.  this adventure is so much fun. and i have heard before that you must find your Beloved before you can find your beloved.  this is so true.  God has used jake in so many ways to pursue me and to show me His love and i am beyond words grateful for it.  i am so overwhelmed right now because life has been such a struggle lately. i have very much been only looking through my narrow lens though, and God is beginning to show me how he has beautiful woven mine and jake's stories together and designed us with each other in mind. and knowing this i am so absolutely humbled. 

ps.. i started this post so i could update everyone on the exciting fact that jake and i picked out our cakes last night and we are so excited about it!! but i got sidetracked by how wonderfully he has been in being a picture of Jesus to me. i am so blessed.

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