Monday, 14 March 2011

'til death do us part**

courtney here. so it's been a while since we've posted. scratch that.. it's been a LONG TIME since we've posted (over a month!!) and so much has happened. the fact that keeping a blog in this crazy time in our lives has been tough i think definitely reflects how tough being engaged and trying to merge our lives together has been. and yes, i say tough, but i also mean beautiful.  sweet, sweet jake and i are so different and i've been seeing that in full force lately.  let me give you an example: tuesdays are our date nights.  we stay busy so we don't typically get to do anything that exciting. just cook dinner, spend time together, maybe go to the gym and watch "our" tv show - V (it's really good, by the way). and one particular date night we were cooking chicken and pasta. it was one of those out-of-the box fancy flavored pastas. and jake poured the finished pasta into the pan with the cooked chicken. and it made me laugh because i would have put the chicken into the pot with the pasta. not that either of us was wrong, we just have completely different ways of doing and looking at things.  if only every situation was as obsolete as chicken and pasta, though.

i say all of that to say this: our pastor at church last night was talking about unity.  i have been thinking about this so much because he pushed the simple, yet beautiful concept that if there was unity within the body of Christ, the rest of the world would not be able to ignore the wonderful Truth that is Jesus Christ.  Pastor Brady spoke strongly on how selfishness divides unity - " we miss out on seeing Jesus when we focus on our differences."  i see this as being so crucial in the world and also in marriage.  for whoever reads this, my prayer for us as followers of Jesus Christ is that we focus on unites us (JESUS!!!) and not what divides us.  i long to apply this idea to my marriage because it is a hard truth that satan truly detests unity and he will do anything he can to divide us and the stronger it is, the harder he will attack it. Pastor Brady challenged us with these three fool-proof ways to ensure that we are not contributing to the division in the Church and also, be the hands and feet of Jesus:
forgive well
be others-centered
speak words of encouragement
i would like to share this challenge with you so that we can be part of the body of Jesus Christ that makes others unable to deny His love. in andrew peterson's song "dancing in the minefields" he says: "i do are the two most famous last words, the beginning of the end, but to lose you life for another i've heard is a good place to begin. the only was to find your life is to lay your life down. and i believe it's an easy price for the life we have found." 

so... dear jacob isaac luna,

i promise this to you: my unfailing love for you will not be moved.  i see the struggles we have had in our relationship as satan trying to cause a division between us because he is threatened at the beautiful union God has sanctioned for us and the powerful plan He has to use us a husband and wife team for His glory.  i don't care if you see the world through a different pair of eyes than i do. the only thing that matters is that we are following Christ's leading in it.  you are my perfect complement, and i know God had that planned out before we were born or before our parent's parent's parent's great grandparents were thought of.  i have two left feet, but i will dance in the minefields with you, every single day for the rest of my life because God has called us His and in that assurance, we are already victorious.  we won't be forever perfect on this side of heaven (Hebrews 10:14). but will you be my imperfect husband and join me in being made holy for the rest of our lives?

love, your terribly imperfect, but promises to try everyday to be a steward of God's love to you,  future wife.

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  1. I would be honored to be your imperfect husband being made perfect and holy. I love you Courtney!
    - Jake Luna